Dear collegue,


Greetings from Holland!

This year you can again send students to Amsterdam. It would be our pleasure to receive students from your faculty.

There are 3 important changes in the application procedure which I will highlight in this email.

1.       This year we would like to do a selection procedure for the exchange students who applied for exchange.

The idea is that students ‘promote’ themselves.

We ask the students to make a video of themselves answering the following questions:

  • Why should we choose you for the Erasmus program?
  • What are you hoping to get out of the exchange program?

This video can be send to me or can be placed on youtube and then send the link to me. As soon as the student has decided to participate in the exchange the movie can be made and sent to me.

This movie should be sent and approved by me before arranging the exchange (booking flights etc.). This is to avoid disappointment.


2.    The students need to have a proof of titer Hepatitis B. This titer has to be anti HBsAG >100 IU/l

This proof has to be send to me before the arranging the exchange (flightbooking etc.). This is to avoid disappointments.

3.    In 2012 we will have again an International Week. The exact date will be send to you as soon as possible. For participating in the clinic during the International Week we also ask the teachers to have a proof of Anti HBsAG >100 IU/l.

In Holland a vaccination of Hepatitis B takes in total about 8 months. 3 times a vaccination and one injection to determine the titer. So please take this in account.

If you have any questions left please let me know.

Looking forward to good exchange year.

Best regards,

Annemieke Paap
International Coordinator Dental Hygiene

Hogeschool Inholland Amsterdam

Faculty of Health, Sports and Social Work

M: +31-(0)631006747

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I am present Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (morning) and Friday (OWP Almere)